Gift Biz Builder


Here is what you can achieve when you follow the Gift Biz Builder Program

  • A business that makes you money now and in the future because it's created on a solid foundation.
  • Confidence and pride because you have a clear & definable understanding of how your business is different from anyone else’s and why people should buy from you.
  • Optimism about the future because you have a plan for growth that is sustainable and provides time and money for the life you want to lead. 

Here is what you can expect when you join the Gift Biz Builder Community

  • Individual support for your unique challenges in two ways. Weekly Q&A live sessions with Sue and member responses to your posted inquiries.
  • A supportive group of creators just like you who may be at different stages in their biz development but have one thing in common ... a motivation to see us all succeed.
  • Continual learning and support - acountability, training, brainstorming, idea confirmation and more. 

Take a peek into the Gift Biz Builder Program

You get immediate access to everything right from the start!

Don't waste time or money “guessing” whether you’ve set up your business for success. Designing your biz can be a fun and energizing experience when you have a process to follow and a community where you can get personal attention and support.


12 modules of recorded lessons accessible 24/7 to fit your schedule


A downloadable checklist so you can keep track of your progress


12 downloadable worksheets and guides.


A private community of gift biz builders just like you


Weekly Q&A videos, expert guest recordings and more! 

Module 1: Defining Your Vision

Right from the start this can be a place where the excitement and dream of a business can set you off too soon or in the wrong direction. We take a little time right up front to make sure that all the work you will do in this course is going to result in a business and life you really want!

Module 2: Making Your Business One of a Kind

Your business is not going to be the success you want if you build a business that looks like all the others. This is the one time we want to look at your competition and your marketplace and determine how you can make your business different and stand out from the others.

There are specific things to look for and review. We'll go over these and then you can capture all relevant information for your market on a downloadable worksheet. This helps you see where and how you can make your unique mark. Most people don't know about this and never get the advantage you will have after completing this module.

Module 3: Your Name, Your Logo, Your Brand

This is a fun part! What should you name your business? There are definite points to consider that can advance or hinder your success.

We also get into talking about your logo and your overall brand. Colors, style, taglines, resources for ideas … there's a lot here to spark your imagination. We'll review many examples to help you narrow in on your very own brand that you'll present to the world with pride!

Module 4: The Legal and Financial Set Up

The official set up may sound intimidating… but it doesn't have to be. You'll get information that will help you determine which business structure suits your needs. We'll also go over the financial setup of your business from bank accounts to accounting systems.

Module 5: Homebased, Production/Design Space or Brick & Mortar?

Where will you run your business? We go over the pros and cons of the various choices and, based on your selection, you'll know what to do next.

Module 6: Pricing Your Product for Profit

Getting straight to the point, if you don't price your product(s) correctly, you will eventually go out of business. It may be within months or years depending on the amount of money you decide to invest and lose. Don't let this be you!

You will learn what goes into determining your prices and where hidden pitfalls lurk. This insight is crucial to the longevity of your business and the ability for you to cover your costs and make money as soon as possible.

Module 7: Let's Make a Website

Even if you open a brick and mortar shop, you need a website. You'll see all three options for building your website. From there it will be easy to make a selection and then decide which platform within your chosen option to select. You'll also learn all the "must have" pages so your site can go up easily and be effective.

Module 8: Integrating a Social Media Plan

First off there is a mini lesson on the different categories of online information. Not everything you see online is a social media platform. This brings your thinking into a clear and orderly understanding of what does what.

You may already have social media sites you're using or think you'll want to use for your business. That's great! In this course, I will specifically recommend two platforms. I'll give you my reasoning and tell you what to do to get started. You may decide to follow my advice or select your own. But beware, I may just convince you to look at this differently!

Not sure what to talk about on social? Afraid you'll make mistakes? I've got you covered with these topics too.

Module 9: Getting Your First Customers (before you're even open)

Now isn't this a novel idea? Wouldn't it be great to know you have people waiting in line and asking when you'll be open for business? I'll show you how to make this happen. We'll also discuss the in's and out's of networking and you'll get a winning formula for that very scary "30 Second Intro" speech.

Module 10: The Grand Opening

It's time to plan a celebration! Whether you have a physical shop or it's time to flip the live switch on your website, this is an event to use to your advantage. It's an opportunity to make a statement, get publicity and get a jumpstart on sales. There's a lot to do as you are officially opening your business. We go through each step so you don't miss a thing. Afterall, there's only one Grand Opening day.

Module 11: How to Continually Attract Business

There are numerous ways to "get" business. Here we'll go through two specific strategies for reinforcing your relationship with existing customers and attracting new customers. The key here is that when these strategies are in place and properly structured, they will direct a continual flow of prospects your way.

Module 12: Growing and Evolving

You can have the most profitable, unique, and talked about company ever created but if you don't continually evaluate and adjust, at some point it will turn on you. Knowledge is power here. You'll learn what types of things should prompt change so you're keyed in when you see it.

I also present to you a gem of a strategy to take advantage of trends and attract more sales in a fresh new way. This is an advanced technique but easy to incorporate once you find out about it. It's my way of setting you on the path to future growth and success long after you've completed this course.

SPECIAL FOCUS 1: Brick & Mortar 

If you are going into a physical shop, there are additional elements to review to set yourself up for success. 

Here we’ll go over how to evaluate a location to determine if it will give you the benefits you’re looking for by having a store in the first place. Then we discuss your lease, store setup, display strategies, inventory control and promotion of your business.

That’s not all! We also cover how to have the advantage over internet sales options and keep people coming in to shop with you. 

Finally, we address pop-ups… the latest opportunity for a physical presence. There are solid reasons to consider this… even if you work from home at first.

SPECIAL FOCUS 2: Baking & Sweets 

As with a Brick & Mortar shop, there are additional things to consider when you are in the baking and sweets segment – all consumables for that matter.

There are various selling options if you make your own product… and options on production space too. 

Once you’ve made those decisions, we review the additional topics you’ll need to address such as special insurance and lease considerations, equipment costs, product labeling and branding, and my favorite part… examples of those doing it really well. 

Does this sound like a lot and feel intimidating? It doesn’t need to be, especially with this guide. 


This is NOT a “too good to be true” statement. 

By following this proven step by step process, not only can you build a business for yourself … but it will be a business that is created on a solid foundation that will make money and thrive for years. 

It's all waiting for you in Gift Biz Builder. 

Pick from these 2 Options 

I'm here to show you exactly what to do!

I encounter passionate people just like you over and over again at trade shows or when talking with customers.

You want to start a business … or your friends tell you that you should because your product is spectacular. 

They ask you to make things for them … and you probably give it to them for free even though they offer to pay you for it.

But a business? That’s scary and you don’t even know where to begin.

I’m here to show you exactly what to do, step by step, to create a money-making business.


How long will it take to get my business up and running?

That is entirely up to you. It depends on where you are with the creation of your business at the time you enter into the program and also the amount of time you can devote to going through all the steps. The program is created so that you can progress at your own pace. It may take only a couple of months … or a year. The good news is that the information is not time restricted. It remains relevant no matter when you want to start or how quickly you advance. This is a program you'll be able to resource time and time again as your business develops.

How long do I have access to the Gift Biz Builder Community and Program?

Once you subscribe your membership is active immediately. If you’ve chosen a lifetime membership, you have full access to everything for the life of the program. If you have a monthly subscription and decide to leave, you will have access for the remainder of the month for which you’ve paid.

What is your return policy?

For Lifetime Members, you have 30 days to request a full refund. To qualify for the refund, I only ask that you participate in a 15 minute phone conversation to discuss your experience with the program and why a refund is requested. Nobody has asked for a refund to date. For those on a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time.

How do I pay?

You can purchase the Gift Biz Builder with Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Paypal.

What is the Gift Biz Builder Community?

An extremely valuable part of the program is the access you'll have to others going through the course too. Having a community of like-minded people is priceless. You'll be exposed to others' questions, some of which you may not have thought of yourself. You'll observe how others approach their business as they build and grow. And as a group you can be supporters and motivators to each other.

The groups I've been a part of have allowed me to meet people who are now friends as well as peers. I would never have met them without a community such as the private Facebook Group I've created for you here.

Is there one-on-one time with Sue?

Many have asked for one-on-one coaching. This is the only place I currently offer direct coaching on individual issues. It’s done in the weekly live Q&A sessions so everyone can benefit from additional direction and advice.

I don't know anything about starting a business. Is this really for me?

This is exactly for you! That is why I created it. I understand that creative people know everything about the development of their product. You know the materials and techniques, you have the skills and equipment to produce a beautiful or delicious result. Why would you have ever needed to know about business?

I have huge respect for designers and bakers. Let me help you get your product out to the world. You can enjoy sharing your passion … and make money at the same time.

I already have a business. Why should I invest in this?

If you already have an established business, you may not need this course.

But if you have any question about whether you've covered all your bases when you first began, or if your business has stalled and you just aren't able to get to the next level -- whatever that is for you -- then you will likely find the answer to gain traction and move forward from this course.

I have a full time job that I plan to continue. Can I do this on the side for extra income?

Absolutely! A successful business means different things to different people. For some it's quitting their 9-5 job and replacing it with a profitable business that can support the family. For others it's a business that will fund a European vacation once a year. Each of these are successes. It is your vision becoming a reality… not anyone else's.

What happens after I enroll?

Once you enroll you will be sent information to access your unique member account. At that time you'll have immediate access to the complete Gift Biz Builder course. This is not a program where you get a module unlocked each week. If you've already gone through a module quickly, you shouldn't be held up in advancing to the next topic. You will also be able to join the Facebook Gift Biz Builder Community.

Sue Monhait, also known as the Gift Biz Gal, has over 25 years experience working with more than a hundred multi-chain, boutique and online retailers to strategically strengthen their businesses.

She has started two profitable mulit-6 figure companies of her own and documented her system to help others do the same. 

The Gift Biz Builder provides actionable information to assist those searching for specfics on how to start and grow their business. 

Sue Monhait

Comments from others ...

“As an artist with multiple businesses, I know the importance of setting up a solid foundation. Knowing what to do and not do can make or break a business. Sue is not only a knowledgeable and passionate leader and teacher in this space, she is also very compassionate with her guidance. She gets you!"

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B Zimmerman, Sue B Zimmerman Enterprises

“Sue is a brilliant business woman. She is generous in sharing her expertise and asks pointed questions to guide and align your dream to reality. Sue's wealth of knowledge is extremely valuable. I highly recommend this course - you will learn from Sue, guaranteed!"

Cathy Nolan

“Sue has been an amazing resource for clear and solid guidance as I rebrand myself with a new direction. She gave me clarity and helped carve out a great plan in a time of uncertainty. I know Sue is always there for me, is reliable and filled with so much valuable information!"

Jennifer Zanotti

Jennifer Zanotti, Jen Z’s Beauty Services

“Known as a leader within our business community, Sue has become my go-to trusted resource. Her continuous support has been invaluable. Sue's creativity and contagious enthusiasm helps teach entrepreneurs like me to become as successful as possible."

Barbara Appelbaum

“Since we met 8 years ago, Sue’s knowledge and expertise continues to help me grow my business exponentially. Through this awesome program, she once again is helping like-minded business crafters avoid struggles and pitfalls. I wish I had this program 10 years ago. It has saved me hours of grief."

Anita Housman

Anita Housman, Treasured Touch

“Sue knows her content extremely well and always delivers in a style that is full of energy and engaging. She has the ability to break down her subject step by step with enormous clarity. Always one of the highlight presentations at the conventions I attend."

Merley Greenidge

Cathy Nolan, Digital Cartoonist for ABC News NYC

Barbara Appelbaum, Appelbaum Wellness

Merley Greenidge, Celebrate Sweetly


I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

Feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

I’m looking forward to starting this very exciting and rewarding journey with you!